This article is based on material authored by members of the news.newusers.questions Moderation Board and nnq-workers mailing list, particularly by Dennis D. Calhoun (until 2007) and Thor Kottelin (since 2007). – Eine deutsche Version ist vorhanden.

news.newusers.questions — FAQs and helpful links


The newsgroup news.newusers.questions is for questions and answers about Usenet and the Internet. Newcomers to newsgroups and the Internet in general can ask questions and will, we hope, receive useful replies.

The group is moderated. This means that a human moderator or a moderation program reviews every article before placing it in the group. For you, if you post a question or answer to news.newusers.questions, this means that there will be a delay before you will see your post. Your news server will email the article to our moderation site, where we will post it to the newsgroup. Then, your article must propagate back to your news server by way of Usenet news feeds. The entire process may take from minutes to hours.

This site contains answers to frequently asked questions as well as links to helpful sites and newsgroups. It is also a mirror of the home of the official news.newusers.questions policy and administrative documents.

Administrative information about news.newusers.questions

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Making new friends online

How newsgroups work

Creating new newsgroups

Help with computer problems

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