This article is based on material authored by members of the news.newusers.questions Moderation Board and nnq-workers mailing list, particularly by Dennis D. Calhoun (until 2005) and Thor Kottelin (since 2007).

"Make money fast" schemes

Many people on the Internet will try to get rich quick, and will try to get you to send them money with attempts to get you some quick cash.

Don't do it. If you get in at the bottom of a pyramid scheme, you will not make any money. They are also illegal in many countries. As an example, pyramid schemes are considered mail fraud when conducted through US mail.

"Get rich quick" schemes often tell you to crosspost their advertisements to between 10 and 200 newsgroups. Don't do this!

Consequences of inappropriate behaviour

So be safe - just say no to fast-money schemes.

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