This article is based on material authored by members of the news.newusers.questions Moderation Board and nnq-workers mailing list, particularly by Dennis D. Calhoun (until 2005) and Thor Kottelin (since 2007).

Help in your language

The helpers in news.newusers.questions know a lot of answers, but we don't always speak the same languages as the people we're trying to help! In many cases, the best help for technical problems will come from a newsgroup which speaks your own language.

These newsgroups are good starting points for new users who are not very familiar with English:

Computer related topics (for Swiss readers)
Discusion general sobre Internet en Chile
Postings by new users (Chinese)
Hilfe zum Usenet (moderated)
Preguntas generales sobre las news (Spanish)
Les premires questions sur Usenet (French)
Usenet users, new user question/discussion (Korean)
Domande e risposte sul servizio news (Italian)
Startpunt voor beginners op internet (Dutch/Netherlands; moderated)
Newsprogramvare og news generelt (Norwegian)
Discussao sobre as Usenet news em Portugal (Portugese)
Tekniska och administrativa frŒgor kring news (Swedish)
Help for newcomers (Taiwanese)

In addition to the above, the users in one of the related soc.culture.* newsgroups might be able to point you to other newusers groups which are available in your language.

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