These policies apply equally to all users, including library volunteers.

Children under 8 years of age must be supervised by an adult.

All local library patrons must have a current family library card on file in the library and live within 15 miles of the Tok intersection.

Special patron registrations will be made available for temporary Tok residents who are residents of other Alaskan communities for an annual fee of $10 per person or $25 per family.

Local resident patrons: A new patron is defined to be someone who has not checked materials out in the past two years, even if they were previously a patron or have lived in Tok for an extended period of time. A new or returning patron will have to provide ID verifying identity and Alaska residency, as well as a document that verifies their Tok physical address, such as a vehicle registration, rent receipt, or fuel or electric receipt showing where they physically live. Proof of land ownership in this area does not verify that they live here. If the person can't provide documentation of residency in our service area but is personally known to the volunteer on duty to be someone who lives in the area, that may be substituted for documentation if the volunteer is willing to accept responsibility for items checked out by the patron during the first 6 months.


Up to a maximum of eight (8) books per person may be checked out at any time.

Books, print and audio, may be checked out for thirty (30) days. They may be renewed one time only. Renewal will be thirty (30) days after the original due date or thirty (30) days from the date of renewal, whichever is earlier. The same individual may check out the item again only after it has sat on the shelf for one check-out period (one month).

Only six (6) videos may be checked out per person at one time. Videos may be check out for seven (7) days. One renewal allowed on videos. Videos may be rechecked out after one week on shelf. Past due fee: All items borrowed must be returned, but if you are late returning an item there will be no fine. If after a reasonable time period an overdue item is not returned, you will have to pay the replacement cost for the item.


Starting 7/1/11 for material not returned after 7 weeks the library may take legal action to recover the cost of replacement, via the Permanent Fund Dividend, if arrangements for return or replacement are not made.


All donations immediately become the property of the Tok Community Library. All library materials must be checked out.

Our acquisition policy for books will follow fiction and nonfiction catalog guidelines, community needs and interests, and current works of authors listed in aforementioned guidelines for their older works as space allows. Items too new to appear in the catalogs may also be considered for acquisition.

Our acquisition policy for videos is educational, how-to, children, and classic entertainment. Other donations may be processed as space allows.


The color copier is to be used by the Library volunteer only. (Patrons may not make their own copies.)

All materials may be copied or printed for 25 per side for black and white and fifty cents (50) per side for color copies or printouts.


The Librarian computer is not for use by patrons.

Computers for public use will have a half hour (1/2 hour) time limit by sign-in sheet if anyone is waiting. You must sign the sign-in sheet prior to using computer.

All personal material is removed from the computer's hard drive at shut down.

Blank CD's are available for patrons to purchase for one dollar ($1.00) each if you wish to save your work, or bring your own CD or thumb drive.

Children under 12 years of age must be supervised by a parent while using the computer.

Anyone who accesses material not permitted by law may no longer use any library computer. Computer access may be reinstated on a case-by-case basis upon approval by the Tok Community Library Association Board.


If the material you want is not available at the Tok Community Library, we will be happy to request a copy for you via Interlibrary loan from another library that does have it.


The Librarian is responsible to develop the procedures for use by volunteers for assigning call numbers, cataloging books, culling of library materials, and acquisition and shelving decisions. Those procedures will be adhered to by all volunteers.

The Librarian will assign special duties for willing volunteers. Volunteers who have been assigned special duties will develop written procedures and guidelines for performance of those duties.

All volunteers will sign the Volunteer Contract agreeing to abide by the written policies and guidelines.

Volunteers who violate the guidelines will be warned.

If a volunteer violates a second time, that volunteer may be terminated and required to surrender any library keys.

Volunteers may keep the key assigned to them for an absence of two (2) months or less. Keys must be returned for periods longer than 2 months, unless special permission has been obtained.

We hope this helps to clear up any questions you may have had. If not, please let us know so we can improve this document. Thank you!

Tok Community Library Board

Revised at Tok Community Library Board of Directors meeting of 8/2/16 and again 2/20/20.